… just a small collection of things with wheels.



Troopies rule the roads in the Northern Territory, especially once you get out into communities. I have a long-held affection for big rough-and-ready four wheel drives (that’s me on the right with my Dad’s first Land Rover and Patch, one of our sheepdogs – and even now I drive my stock into markets every weekend in my old Defender), so while I was working for an arts touring company, I guess it was only a matter of time before I was inspired to design a fabric based on the trusty troopie, loaded up with esky, guitar, backpack and swag, off on a true NT adventure.

Beetling around

I had my first driving lesson at the age of eleven in a Beetle and nearly put my poor dear Dad through the windscreen. I got better.

Kombi on

I’ve owned three Kombis in my life. The first one was rubbish but I went back for a second go. That one was great until a VW hating mechanic wrecked it. The third was a split screen and I lost her along the way. I will always miss her.