fabric gallery

bippidii boppidii offers an ever expanding-range of exclusive fabrics and wallpapers digitally printed in Australia from original artwork.

The newest selection of designs can be found here.
Fabrics from the exhibition Susurrus can be found here.
A variety of bespoke products made from these original fabrics are available from The Local in Parap, NT.

The images have been overlaid with a watermark. This will not print on the fabric.
All designs © bippidii boppidii.



Birds are a bippidii boppidii speciality so if you’re a bird lover, do yourself a favour and check out the bird selection.


You can’t get amongst the birds without getting yourself surrouonded in plants. Go for a walk in the bush.

Buffalo, frogs and other critters

Most of the native critters you’ll find here are Territorians, though there are a few from down south too. Go meet the critters.

Town & Country

Boabs and bananas, umbrellas and apples, caravans and scarecrows, this quirky little collection has quite a lot going on. Check it out. 

Antipodean Steampunk

There’s just the three fabrics here (so far!), but carry on if you’d like a closer look.

Mid-century Modern

I have a bit of a hankering for a bit of mid-century modern. From time to time I indulge it… go take a peek.


Fruit, besides being delicious, is also fun to design with. Take a look.


Cats Cats Cats

You’d think I’m a mad cat lady but truth be told that while I’ve been known to be quite fond a nice cat, I’m not especially cat mad. I really just find them fun to do… and people like them so, here they are.



Here are just a few things with wheels!