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bippidii boppidii is Boo, one woman with a big fat passion for fabric design and a truckload of enthusiasm for making beautiful things out of those fabrics. in 2018 Boo was joined  part-time in the sewing studio by her son Dorian.

Working across a variety of mediums enables Boo to create diverse fabric designs. Dabbling in hand painting and drawing, linocuts, digital drawing and imagery, collage and mark-making with found objects gives rise to designs that defy rigid stylistic boundaries. Digital fabric printing gives rise to the freedom to faithfully reproduce designs created by hand, working them into repeat patterns and feature panels.

Transforming the fabrics into finished items – bags, purses, clothing, furnishings and soft sculpture completes the design process: imagined ideas become tangible objects, beautiful, useful and unique.

Design inspirations are drawn from the natural environment and built spaces, the critters and people who inhabit these spaces, the objects of everyday life and occasionally, the musings of dream and fantasy. A nature lover who grew up in rural South Australia, Boo has embraced the flora and fauna of the Top End, immersing herself in a daytime world of burning pandanus and invading magpie geese and a nocturnal habitat populated by quirky curlews and scuttling bandicoots.

Working from a small home studio in the bush, Boo ventures out on Saturdays to sell her creations at Parap Village Markets near the Darwin CBD. In the Top End dry season (May – October) you can find her on a Sunday at Nightcliff Markets. Sometimes you can find her in other places too… check out the dates and places bippidii boppidii will be over on the right.

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about Boo

I grew up on a farm in South Australia surrounded by creativity. My mother sewed, baked, knitted, did macrame and made endless doodles while I was growing up: when she retired she became an artist, painting in watercolour, oils and pastels and winning regional art prizes in South Australia and Queensland. My father was creative in a practical way, making things he needed in his workshop, be it a band saw or a front end loader attachment for his old tractor. He now turns wood, making bowls and pens and other lovely things. As a child I loved to paint, draw and make things and I learned to sew as soon as Mum would let me near the near the sewing machine, completing my first button up collared shirt at the age of eleven.

The drive to learn and create has guided my life. I’ve studied design, multimedia, professional writing and a broad range of sewing skills as well as many crafts that come under the textiles banner, specialising in fabric printing and design. I have printed lengths of cloth on a tiny kitchen table in a bush hut with no electricity, stitching clothing on an old treadle machine. I’ve printed furnishing fabrics in a shearing shed. I’ve set up a sewing room in a garage in a northern Sydney share house and printed clothing fabric in a freezing cold semi-basement in a stone house in cherry orchard and the back room of an old church.

I’ve lived in rural and metropolitan South Australia and New South Wales and did a wonderful spell on the APY Lands in Central Australia when my second son was small. I now I live on a 20 acre bush block in Darwin River, in the Top End of the Northern Territory where I relish the relentless heat.

In late 2011, I discovered digital fabric printing, which revolutionised my world, particularly given that The Top End weather presented too many obstacles to render such ad-hoc settings suitable for hand-printing fabrics. Digital printing enabled me to follow my passion for designing fabrics without having to worry about the weather or the fumes – and with an unrestricted palette at my disposal.

One of the things I love best about digital printing is that I don’t have to print large runs of fabric, so that I can design and make individual items and avoid the drudgery of making the same thing over and over again. It means that if a client tells me they want that bag, but in that fabric, I can do it without having to make 50 more the same. As the obsessively colour-matched labels on the right promise, there’s no mass production here.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll come visit again.

– Boo

carving a curlew

where to find me

bippidii boppidii is now trading from a shop, five days a week.

You can find my work at 
The Local 
6/36 Parap Place
Parap, 0820, Northern Territory

Trading hours:
Tuesday - Friday 9.30am - 5pm
Saturday - 8am - 2pm

I'm in the store Thursday through to Saturday.

In addition to bippidii boppidii you will find the work of around two dozen other talented Darwin-based creatives at The Local.

The Local


custom orders

bippidii boppidii offers a bespoke service so you can have exactly what you want. The right fabric in the right bag or the right sized cushion. The right length of strap. The right number of pockets.

To make a custom order have a stroll through the fabric gallery, making sure you don’t miss the product examples at the bottom. Have a wander through the product galleries. Use your imagination.

Then, drop me a line.

Please note: due to the highly custom nature of this process, orders will take around six weeks to fill. Freight may add extra time too. But, just like ‘slow food’, it will be well worth the wait!

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