Latest designs

There’s been a whole lot of designing going on over at bippidii boppidii and we’d like to share all the new fabric designs from 2019 with you.


Splash! – gouldian finch

The bright splash of a gouldian finch against the tropical savanna woodland is a rare treat.

lotus loper – jacana

Jacanas are ungainly birds with enormous feet who traverse tropical waterways using lily pads as platforms.


this way that

Spinifex pigeons, busy going this way and that on the hot red dirt of the dry interior of Australia.

Puddle Party

Getting together in a puddle and having a big sing in the rain is what green tree frogs are all about!


The Upside Down

Fruit bats love sweet things and follow the tastiest treats across the Top End over the course of the year.

Who’s Laughing?

The blue-winged kookaburra of the Top End has a raucous laugh entirely different from it’s jovial southern cousin.


Riding the wind currents, the silver gull hovers over the ocean, following fishing boats and tourists with chips.


Rosie Cap

The galah has adapted well to human settlement and is found in open country across most of mainland Australia.

Circling – red dust

Circling on thermal drafts, enormous wedge-tailed eagles are the kings and queens of the Australian skies.

Intermediate egret

Shown here in breeding plumage, the intermediate egret is, as the name might suggest, a medium sized egret. 



A rework of a design from 2015, the crimson finch has been given a geometric modern makeover.

Circling – thunder blue

Thermal drafts are the playground of the wedge tailed eagle.

Lori’s technicolour dreamcoat

Rainbow lorikeets paint the skies and trees with colour. This is but one variety to grace the Australian bush.


Do cowdroids dream of clockwork buffalo?

And if they do, are they difficult to herd? This is the first of the antipodean steampunk collection that looks set to grow slowly but surely.


Full Metal Seahorse

Steampunk seahorses haunting southern shores… there are a few ‘Easter eggs’ hiding among the metallic weeds in this one.


Mr Frilly Dandy

Mr Frilly Dandy is quite the man about the ungrowth, sunning on a rock in his very dapper hat.