Splendid Fairy Wren

These tiny birds grow to between 12 and 14cm. They live over much of the southern parts of Australia, with their range reaching as far north as Tennant Creek in the NT. Splendid fairy wrens eat mostly insects, foraging on the ground and in shrubs in the dense shrublands, mallee and acacia woodlands where they live in groups. They build such tiny nests that their long tails don’t fit properly and get bent whilst sitting on eggs.

When we lived in remote northern South Australia, our property backed onto scrub and just behind our back fence a family of splendid fairy wrens lived. It was a delight to watch them hop about and they have been one of my favourite birds ever since.

Splendid fairy wren (leafy)

Splendid fairy wren

Splendid fairy wren (leaf coordinate)

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