Susurrus fabric gallery   |   exhibition photo gallery

Susurrus showcased work created during Boo’s 2015 ‘Artist-in-the-park’ residency at the Territory Wildlife Park. The collection featured a range of distinctly and uniquely Territorian textile designs celebrating iconic local flora and fauna – rainbow pitta, dragonflies, crimson finches, bush stone curlews, pig nose turtles, turkey bush, brolgas, pandanus and more.

About the artist

Using a variety of techniques and experience developed over thirty years, Boo designs original fabrics that each have a story to tell. Inspired by the rich natural environments of the Northern Territory, she creates limited edition handcrafted items that are not only beautiful, but are designed to be held, loved and used. Bags and soft furnishings are carefully crafted in Boo’s tiny studio at Darwin River. Designs can also be applied to curtains and wallpaper, encouraging the creation of truly unique spaces that connect with the Top End environs.


The exhibition included gorgeous furniture, statement pieces such as chairs and ottomans as well as one-off lamps made in collaboration with local artist Gerald Clapham.