Antipodean Steampunk

Steampunk is such a great aesthetic, I cannot help but dabble and love doing uniquely Australian things with the theme. Stay tuned for more, very very slowly. I have many ideas, but little time…


Do cowdroids dream of clockwork buffalo?

This is my first attempt at a steampunk design. I’d been wanting to do one for a long time, but I wanted it to be distinctly Australian. A customer at my market stall one day once told me it was ‘the most Northern Territory design she’d ever seen’. Happy.

The name, of course is a riff on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? the Philip K Dick novel that is the basis of the cult favourite film Bladerunner. 

Full Metal Seahorse

Full Metal Seahorse, my second foray into steampunk, is an ode to Southern Yorke Peninsula, home to seahorses, leafy seadragons and many an historic shipwreck. It is also a hat tip to a fearless sailor I know a little who traverses the globe with a compass and a sextant.

Mr Frilly Dandy

He really is a dandy, that Mr Frilly, with his big ruffle. How could I not do a steampunk design based on this funny lizard.

I’m lucky enough to see them sometimes, driving home. They’ll often lie flat and pretend to be dead. If provoked they raise their frill. Sometimes though, they just bolt up a tree out of reach.