Please note: I am not currently making gadgetSwags. Should you be interested in one, please let me know. If there is enough demand I might start making them again 🙂

‘What,’ I hear you ask, ‘is a gadgetSwag?’

Well, you know what a swag is, right? And the gadget you want to put in it… well, that’s up to you! The original gadgetSwag was nicknamed the ‘iSwag’ for, you guessed it, an iPad. However, they can be custom made to fit any gadget you like, from a phone to a laptop. Just like a swag, they are cuddly and well padded to keep your precious device safe.

Made from sturdy poly-canvas, gadgetSwags are cotton lined and a strap is also available so you can swing it over your shoulder. Starting from $60 (GST inc) for a smallSwag (to fit Galaxy), they can be made from any bippidii boppidii fabric in addition to those shown here, so peruse the range, click any image to enlarge it, and let me know what you’d like!