On my first day as an artist-in-the-park at the Territory Wildlife Park I walked a full lap of the park, seeking simply to familiarise myself with the spaces in which I might work. Along the way I found a woolybutt blossom in the centre of the track and was delighted by the rich oranges and yellows in the flower. While I might have passed this somewhat shrivelled blossom by, it provided an invitation I could not refuse, and became the first design of my residency.

wattle blossom

woolybutt blossom

wattle bark (dk)

woolybutt bark (dk)

wattle pod

woolybutt pod

wattle bark (light)

woolybutt bark (light)

wattle puffs

woolybutt puffs

product examples from this collection

wattle cushions
wattle pod evening bag
wagtail and wattle pod clutches
stealing curlews and wattle blossom clutches
wattle cushions
wattle blossom glasses slip cases and wattle pod purse
wattle pod shoulder bag
wattle blossom purse
wattle cushions, glasses slip case and buttons