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bippidii boppidii offers an ever expanding-range of exclusive fabrics and wallpapers digitally printed in Australia from original artwork. This gallery is currently under reconstruction and will be added to regularly over the coming days and weeks, so if you can’t find what you are looking for, please check back in again soon.

The newest selection of designs can be found here.

Fabrics from the exhibition Susurrus can be found here.

A variety of bespoke products made from these original fabrics are available from The Local in Parap, NT.

The images have been overlaid with a watermark. This will not print on the fabric.
All designs © bippidii boppidii.



Birds are a bippidii boppidii speciality so if you’re a bird lover, do yourself a favour and check out the bird selection.

the collections

Sway (red)


Tiny double barred finches perch on slender grasses, swaying in the breeze.

This design comes in three colourways with coordinates. See them all here.



A flash of brilliant blue among the leaves, the forest kingfisher is one of the most magnificent birds in the Australian bush.

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Who, me?

who, me?

Who doesn’t love a cockatoo? Raucus and entertaining to watch, sulphur crested cockatoos are the jesters of the bush. ‘Who, me?’ he says. Yes. You.

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While I was working on this design, red tailed black cockatoos were carrying on in the tree outside my window, as if they were waiting for me to finish the design, which had been in the pipeline so long. While the design took a while to come together, the name – thanks to those chattering birds outside – came easily.

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Stealing curlews

Stealing curlews

Bush stone curlews (or bush thick knees) are kooky birds, balancing on long thick legs (with thick knees), staring into the night, crying plaintively into the darkness. I had so much fun creating this design, getting up close and personal with curlews, creating sketches and carving lino blocks in their likeness.

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Splendid fairy wren (leafy)

splendid fairy wren

Delightful tiny blue birds hailing from the more southern Australian climes. This design comes with or without leaves (or birds!) and you can see these plus some examples of it in use here.

nesting pittas

nesting pittas

Rainbow pittas are elusive – watch out for a flash of a bright blue wing when you’re walking out in the Top End bush.

See the coordinates here.

lily lagoon

lily lagoon

Lilies and dragonflies are never far away when you’re in the Top End of Australia. If you’re really lucky, you might see some turtles too. See what you can find…

geese in the 'hood

geese in the ‘hood

Magpie geese live in the Kakadu National Park for much of the year, moving into mango orchards nearer to civilisation in their thousands in anticipation of a Christmas feast like no other!

This design is also available with a coloured background. Check out the options.

Bovine Monroe

Bovine Monroe

There is no rhyme or reason to this design – it came to me unbidden and demanded to be executed. A deep bow to both the feral water buffalo and Andy Warhol, Bovine Monroe is simply for fun.

empire of cats, brick

empire of cats

There must be a pied piper of cats somewhere… the whole empire has turned up!

See the other colours.

The days of the quarter acre block

Town and Country

Hand painted scenes of farms, forests and villages feature in this collection. You’ll find apples and scenes of old Darwin, tropical gardens and even an old red tractor. Take a stroll through this fun collection!

wattle blossom


The woolybutt (eucalyptus miniata) is an iconic Australian tree, with bright orange flowers that cover trees and attract native bees. This design was inspired by a flower I found fallen on a path through the Territory Wildlife Park on the first day of my 2015 residency in the park. It was the first design I created during the residency and remains one of my favourites.

See the coordinates.

pandanus fire


Fire turns the bush flaming orange and stark black. First rains bring out the green.

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This design depicts the traditional Chinese umbrella colours of red, yellow and blue, paying homage to the home of the umbrella – a fantastic invention that is a must-have in a tropical environment.

See the whole collection.

fan me! (scarlet)

fan me!

I was having too much fun with Asian-inspired design to quit after creating the umbrellievable collection, so continued the theme with fan me!, a single design in a variety of colourways.

Papa's pomegranates

Papa’s pomegranates

My grandfather was a keen gardener who had a yard full of wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables, bursting with flavour. He introduced me to the delights of the pomegranate at an early age. This collection celebrates this delicious fruit and is dedicated to my Papa. See the full range here.

Sturt desert pea (leafy)

Sturt desert pea

The flower emblem for South Australia, the Sturt desert pea, is an unusual flower, complex, beautiful and strange. This collection offers a number of variations on the basic design.

flannel flowers - blue

flannel flowers (for Maude)

With their delicately pointed petals of the softest suede, flannel flowers are one of the most beguiling of all wildflowers.

after hours in the library

tomfoolery in the library

The local librarian appears to have better things to do than tidy the shelves… or maybe she has simply misplaced her spectacles.

Browse this fun collection inspired by all things bookish and mid-century modern.

troopies to the sea


There’s nothing like packing up the car and getting away from it all. When you’ve got a troopie, you can get far far away from it all!
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gecko's garden

gecko’s garden

A gecko is a source of delight, with their sticky toes and go-anywhere attitude. I have several in residence in my house and more in my sewing room. This design is based on an original painting I did while living in a remote community in central Australia.

See more geckos here.